Different farming systems are used for the explotation of agricultural space.

The main categories are:

  • Depending on the use of water agricultura could be:
+ Irrigated agriculture: crops receive water from man made irrigation systems.
   This method is used for rice, fruit trees and cotton.
+ Rain fed agriculture is when crops only receive  water from the rain. Sunflowers, vines, wheat and olive trees only receive water from the rain.

  • Depending on the variety of species could be:

+ Monoculture when the cultivation is based only in one crop. Cereals, cotton and coffee are monocultures.

+ Mixed cropping or polyculture is when several species are farmed in the same plot. Mixed crosps grown by irrigated agriculture include fruit trees , peppers, tomatoes, lettuce.

  • Depending on the use of soil:

+ Intensive agriculture contains high capital investment in tools, machinery, seeds and labour are used to obtain máximum yield . Crops are produced for commercial purposes . Market garden farming systems are included in this category.

+ Extensive agriculture does not use technological or human resources to obtain máximum yield. Production can be for sale (wheat and corn belts in USA) or for personal consumption.


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