Fishing is the practice of catching fish and other marine species for food or as raw materials for industry.Different techniques have been uses for fishing. Some of them inlude:

  • Longline fishing
  • Trawling
  • Lift netting

Types of fishing

  •  Traditional fishing uses small boats and it is done near the coast during the day and every day the fisherman sells his fish in the fish-market. It uses simple fishing techniques: hooks, networks, harpoons…  
  • Industrial fishing is also called off-shore fishing or deep sea fishing. It is used to catch a great volume of fish. It uses huge and well equipped boats to remain at sea for weeks or months. Their boats are large, called boat-factories and use advanced fishing techniques, like radars to detect shcool of fish. Also they have enormous freezers to preserve the fish in good conditions.  

From the sea we can obtain seaweed and algae for food, minerals, salt and drinking water after extracting salt in desalinaation plants. we could also use the tides and the waves as a source of energy.

Fishing and Aquaculture


Fishing and Aquaculture Notes Outline

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