Forestry could be defined as forest exploitation using forest products such as cork, resin, timber, fruit products, energy sources as fire wood, rubber, cellulose, pharmaceutical products and perfumes.

Forests occupy 30% of the Earth´s surface and woodlands have adapted to diverse climates.

  • Humid equatorial and tropical woodland contains tall and hardwood trees some of them very profitable such as mahogany, teak and ebony.
Mahogany tree (Swietenia macrophylla) or "Caoba" in the local language Emergent along the ... rel=
  • Temperate woodland is located in middle latitudes. It includes smaller trees grouped together and oak, beech and chestnut have been exploited traditionally. These species have been replaced by invasive but more profitable species such as eucaliptus.


  • Boreal forests or taiga is located in high latitudes. Dense coniferous forests contain pines, firs and birch all of them with softwood. 

To make sure that forest exploitation is sustainable forestry and silviculture manages forest resources. Although some forests are cultivated to obtain products from them, trees should be allowed to regenerate with measures like reforestation, recycling  wood products.

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