Each type of farming system creates a different agricultural landscape.

  • Subsistence agriculture uses old technology and has a low productivity. Most crops are for the farmer´s own consumption. There are two types of subsitance agriculture:
1-  Slash and burn agriculture  is based on cutting down vegetation and  burn it to prepare the soil to be cultivated. The ashes are used as fertilizer. Millet, sorghum and tapioca are grown using this system.
2- Intensive agriculture of Monsoon Asia grows rice on small plots.
  • Commercial agriculture is characterized by high investment, the use of advanced tecniques such as drip irrigation and high productivity. Crops are produced for comercial purposes. The main types of commercial agriculture are:
1- Advanced agriculture of Europe bases on growing flowers, market garden products and cereals.
2- Mediterranean agriculture is rain fed  when vines, olive and wheat is grown but irrigated when fruit tres and vegetables are cultivated.
3- Extensive New World agriculture is based on large farms without many workers and a lot of machinery. Mostly grows cereals.
4- Plantations are large sttes with monocultures of cacao, tea, coffee, banana an pineaplles for exameple. The farms are owned by multinational companies and employ lots of workers to obtain máximum yield as their salary is low.

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