One way to describe primary industries would be to say that they are involved in the growing, harvesting, extracting and sometimes processing of natural resources which form the basis of the products we use in our everyday lives.

The Primary sector of industry involves the conversion of natural resources into primary products. Most products from this sector are considered raw materials for other industries. Major businesses in this sector include agriculture, agribusiness, fishing, aquaculture, forestry, and all mining and quarrying industries.

Downstream manufacturing industries that agregate, pack, package, purify or process the raw materials close to the primary producers are normally considered part of this sector, especially if the raw material is unsuitable for sale or difficult to transport long distances.

The key areas of employment in this sector are:

• Farming involves growing crops.

Historia de la Agricultura - Origen, Inventor y Evolución✔️
  • Stockbreading means rearing animals (cattle), providing food, wool and skins.
sheep, transhumance, rural, autumn, lorraine, stockbreeding, countryside, agriculture, tradition, fall, livestock

• Mining involves extracting raw materials – oil and coal, for example – from the earth (or under the sea).

Minería del siglo XXI - Mineria Pan-Americana

  • Quarrying is an excavation usually open to the air from which stone, slate, or the is obtained by cutting, blasting, etc.
La cantera acumula multas valoradas en 15.000 euros por incumplir la orden  de cierre - Levante-EMV

• Fishing involves catching sea life.

A pesar del coronavirus, la pesca aportará este año unos USD 1.300 millones  en exportaciones - Infobae
  • Aquiculture is the cultivation of aquatic animals and plants, especially fish, shellfish, and seaweed, in natural or controlled marine or .freshwater environment

    Tank full of red tilapia at a fish farm used for aquaculture farming.

  • Forestry and silviculture  promote the cultivation of forest trees and the process and managing forests.
La Xunta concede 6 ayudas para el fomento de la silvicultura activa por más  de 142.000 euros para la comarca de Ferrolterra – Galicia Ártabra Digital

In developed and developing countries, a decreasing proportion of workers are involved in the primary sector.

Primary industries also create the basic materials for use in other industries, such as growing and harvesting wheat that can then be turned into the bread.



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