We can divide Asia into these regions: Northern and Central Asia, Western Asia, Southern Asia and Eastern Asia. These are big differences between the levels of development among the regions as some of them are rural with a subsistance economy while others are highly industrialized and have a developed tertiary sector.


  • POPULATION AND SETTLEMENT: There is a negative natural population increase in Russia while in the other countries population growth is decreasing slowly. Other difference is that Russian population lives in urban centres where as the other countries have more rural settlements. 


  • ECONOMY: Russian Federation was one of the most important economic powers  but had a serious economic recession worsened by global financial problems. Economy in the other countries in the region is bogged down. Russia is one of the main world oil and mineral producers, however, Russian industry is not technologically developed and it is based on heavy industry (iron, steel and chemicals). Other problems on Russian economy are: the lack of capital, the high unemployment rate and political corruption. Economy in the other countries in the region is foccussed on primary and tertiary sectors. 

Oil derricks are silhouetted against the rising sun at an oilfield in the capital Baku October 16, 2..


  • CULTURE AND SOCIETY. Ethnicity is diverse as we can find Khazaks, Tajiks, kirghiz and russian in the area. There are big differences in terms of living standards.  Religions in the area are Islamic , Orthodox and diverse forms of Christianity.


  • Political systems: Russia is a Republic with democratic features. There is political instability in the others Asian republics.


Russia and Central Asia Economics Worksheet Key.doc

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