Middle East & Oil – Worksheets

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Middle East Religion Map (1)

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Middle East GeographyMiddle East Geography



  • POPULATION AND SETTLEMENT:  There is a high birth rate so population is growing fast in all the region. Urban population is higher than rural although rural areas are important in certain countries.

  • ECONOMY: This area contains strategic resources such as oil ad natural gas. The wealth is important but there arebig differences between social groups and countries. Economy  is not growing too fast because agriculture has low yields and the secondary sector is not very developed. There are big contrasts between very rich countries and others with low incomes.


  • CULTURE AND SOCIETY: There is a great diversity of cultures: Persians, Turks, Arabs but Islamic culture dominates. In each country there are radical economic and social inequalities as there is a very wealthy minority and a vast majority with little resources.

  • POLITICAL SYSTEMS: The main political systems in the area are  Islamic republics, parlamentarian republics, absolute monarchies. The armed conflicts in the area are a serious problem for economic and social development.


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