The main characteristics of Baroque architecture were:

  • The main buildings were churches and palaces.

  • They used the classical orders but in more free way. The façades had undulating lines which created great contrasts of light and shade.

  • The Solomonic Column was introduced. This type of column has a large and twisted shaft.

  • The plans of the buildings are oval or circular to give a sense of dynamism.

  • The interior is richly decorated. The aim of this was to impress and show the power of the church or the absolute monarch.

  • The most famous baroque architects were Bernini who designed the square and baldachin of St. Peter´s in The Vatican City and Borromini who worked in the Churches of Saint Charles and at the Four Fountains and St Yves in Rome.

Among the most important secular Baroque buildings, the Palace of Versailles outstands.  I was built as Louis´ XIV court. Several architects worked there and before it was a hunting palace. The gardens and the Hall of Mirrors are the best-known features of Versailles Palace.



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