The secondary sector nvolves economic activities concerned with transforming raw materials into products. ctivities included in the sector are: industry, mining energy production and the construction.

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Industry transforms raw materials into finished good or semi-finished products.

Finished products are industrial products ready for consumption while semi-finished products are used as raw materials in other industries.

Different factors are required in industry;

a) Raw materials are the resources transformed into finished and semi-finished products in the industrial process. Raw materials can be of animal origin, vegetal and mineral.

b) Energy sources provide power to opérate machines. Energy sources could be renewable and non-renewable.

c) Human resources are the people who intervene in the industrial production. In developed countries working conditions are generally better tan in developing countries.

Resultado de imagen de secondary sector

d) Capital comes from private individuals , the State  (public companies) or both (mixed companies) To increase  business profits companies can merge and integrate.


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